Sample Sequences

Cedric Notredame, 2001

Purpose of the Exercises

Choose a sequence among the following, and characterize it using bioinformatics tools. Among other things, identify its domain structure, try to predict its putative functions and its putative structure. All the sequences are of similar complexity.


List Of Ressources



PubMed Pubmed, Blast, Psi-Blast
Infobiogen SRS
ExPASy SwissProt, Prosite
E.B.I. SRS, Blast, ClustalW
EMBnet Prosite,Blast,ClustalW
PBIL Blast,ClustalW
123D+ Structural Analysis
DALI Structure Comparison
Joy Structural Annotation
Docking 1 Protein Docking
Docking 2 Protein Docking